ATM+LIVE is an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) that allows you to perform all your routine ATM tasks plus the option to speak to a live teller for assistance with other tasks.


Deposit Checks

Cash a Check

Transfer Funds

Pay Loans

Get Cash

Account Inquiry

What is ATM+LIVE?

  • ATM+LIVE functions like a regular ATM, but it also allows customers to perform all transactions they can complete in a branch by speaking to a First Bank employee via video chat.

What additional functions can I do with ATM+LIVE?

  • Deposit checks & cash
  • Cash checks
  • Transfer funds
  • Make loan payments
  • Account inquiries
  • Talk to a live First Bank teller

Why use ATM+LIVE?

  • No deposit slip required
  • Drive up convenience
  • Personal assistance from an actual First Bank employee

How do I use ATM+LIVE?

  • Insert your card like a regular ATM. If you need assistance, click the help button in the bottom left corner to be connected to a First Bank employee.

Who exactly am I talking to on ATM+LIVE?

  • When using ATM+LIVE, you will only talk to First Bank employees in Florida. Those employees are shown below. No third party is involved.

What should I bring to use ATM+LIVE?

  • It depends on the transaction, but we always recommend bringing your debit card & ID.

What are the hours of operation for ATM+LIVE?

  • Monday–Thursday | 9 am–4 pm
  • Friday | 9 am–6 pm

Where can I find ATM+LIVE?

  • We have one machine available at our Moore Haven location, with plans to add machines to Berner Road, LaBelle & Belle Glade locations by 2025.

Who will I see on ATM+LIVE?

Larissa Williams

Larissa Williams

Digital Payments Specialist, AAP

Larissa has been with First Bank since 2016

ATM+LIVE, Online Banking & Customer Service

Larissa likes to create art pieces & read books.

Scott McNulty

Scott McNulty

Digital Banking Manager

Scott has been with First Bank since 2012

ATM+LIVE, Online Banking & Customer Service

Scott enjoys spending time with his family and his Boston Terriers