Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
Balance Inquiries (any ATM)FREE
Non Customer Withdrawals$2.50
At Remote ATM Locations$3.00
Replacement Cards$5.00
Withdrawals At First Bank ATMsFREE
Debit Cards (Visa Check Cards)
Replacement Debit Card$5.00
Internet Banking & Bill PayFREE
Bank to Bank TransfersFree Incoming, $1 Outgoing
Person-to-Person (P2P)$1 Incoming and Outgoing
Stop Payment - Billpay$30.00
Wire Transfer Services
Incoming - DomesticFREE
Incoming - InternationalFREE
Outgoing - Domestic$15.00
Outgoing - International$45.00
Chargeback Items
Chargeback Items - BusinessFREE
Chargeback Items - DomesticFREE
Chargeback Items - ForeignFREE
Chargeback Items - RedepositFREE
Accounts - Miscellaneous
Dormant Service Charge$5.00/month
Inquiry - Bank Rep. Assistance$1.00
Inquiry - Faxed$2.00
Inquiry - Mailed$2.00
Research - Hourly Fee Plus Per Copy$0.25
Research/Hr - Min. One Hour$25.00
Statement Printout$1.00
Statmenet Reconciliation per Hour$20.00
Temporary Checks - 4 Checks$1.00
Temporary Deposit SlipsFREE
Transfers - AutomatedFREE
Sweep Transactions$2.00
Closed Accounts
Closed Account - First 6 Months$20.00
Overdraft Charges
An overdraft item or insufficient funds item may be created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, Debit Card purchase or other electronic means.
Overdraft Fee - Item is paid.$30.00
Returned Item Fee - Item is returned unpaid.$30.00
Stop Payment
Stop Payment Order$30.00
Stop Payment on Bank Checks$30.00
Stop Payment - Billpay$30.00
Check Collection - Customers$10.00
Check Collection - Non Customers$15.00
Fax - Per Page$2.00
Fax - Per Page (Non Customers)$3.00
IRS Levy, State Levy, or Writ of Garnishment$100.00
Loans - Payoff Letters$25.00
Notary PublicFREE
Negotiable Instruments
Cashiers Check - Customer$3.00
Money Order - Customer$2.00
Money Order - In Club Members$1.00
Travelers Checks1%
Travelers Checks - for two2%
Night Depository
Zipper Bags$1.00
Zipper Bags - With Lock$25.00
Safe Deposit Boxes
2x5 inches$25.00
3x5 inches$30.00
4x5 inches$35.00
5x5 inches$40.00
3x10 inches$45.00
4x10 inches$50.00
5x10 inches$55.00
10x10 inches$75.00
Key Deposit$20.00
Lost Key$10.00
Drill BoxCurrent Rate