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A Legacy of Endurance: Celebrating 57 Years with Gilbert's Jewelers & Gifts


A Legacy of Endurance: Celebrating 57 Years with Gilbert's Jewelers & Gifts


Since 1967, Gilbert's Jewelers & Gifts has been a cornerstone of the Glades community. In a recent interview, owner Robert, who joined his father's venture at 13, shared insights into the local business's remarkable journey. Let's explore the story behind this enduring local establishment.

Background of the Business:

Gilbert's Jewelers & Gifts started as a small venture, with Robert's father selling watches and necklaces to friends at the local sugar mill. In 1967, the first store opened, growing steadily with hard work and dedication. Robert's parents’ unwavering commitment to hard work and honesty played pivotal roles in the business's success and the involvement of his brother, Gilbert, and his accountant, Bob.

Interview Highlights:

Robert's favorite part of the job is the dynamic nature of buying and selling gold and diamonds and crafting specialty jewelry. Despite being a family business, the team includes non-family members, fostering a diverse and supportive work environment.

Facing challenges such as the absence of a franchise, retaining employees, and adapting to market changes, Gilbert's Jewelers & Gifts thrives through resilience and flexibility. Looking ahead, Robert envisions keeping the store open as long as employees are content, with plans for a collective retirement.

Value Provided by First Bank:

First Bank’s flexible Line of Credit proves invaluable during emergencies, providing crucial support to Gilbert's Jewelers & Gifts' operations. The accessibility and responsiveness of our services have been instrumental in navigating various business challenges.

Choosing Us Over Others:

Robert's choice of First Bank is rooted in the exceptional qualities of our team and organization. The efficiency and reliability of our services, combined with the personal touch of a fantastic group of people, distinguish us from the competition.

Robert wholeheartedly recommends our bank, emphasizing its efficiency, quick decision-making, and the advantage of being a local institution. The promptness in getting things done aligns seamlessly with Gilbert's Jewelers & Gifts' operational needs.


As Gilbert's Jewelers & Gifts celebrates 57 years, we are honored to be part of their journey. This enduring partnership exemplifies the strength of collaboration and shared values. Here's to Gilbert's Jewelers & Gifts' continued success, resilience, and growth and our ongoing partnership in supporting the local community. Thank you for allowing us to spotlight your business!

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