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Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
Balance Inquiries (any ATM)FREE
Non Customer Withdrawals$2.50
At Remote ATM Locations$3.00
Replacement Cards$5.00
Withdrawals At First Bank ATMsFREE
Debit Cards (Visa Check Cards)
Replacement Debit Card$5.00
Internet Banking & Bill PayFREE
Bank to Bank TransfersFree Incoming, $1 Outgoing
Person-to-Person (P2P)$1 Incoming and Outgoing
Stop Payment - Billpay$30.00
Wire Transfer Services
Incoming - DomesticFREE
Incoming - InternationalFREE
Outgoing - Domestic$15.00
Outgoing - International$45.00
Chargeback Items
Chargeback Items - BusinessFREE
Chargeback Items - DomesticFREE
Chargeback Items - ForeignFREE
Chargeback Items - RedepositFREE
Accounts - Miscellaneous
Dormant Service Charge$5.00/month
Inquiry - Bank Rep. Assistance$1.00
Inquiry - Faxed$2.00
Inquiry - Mailed$2.00
Research - Hourly Fee Plus Per Copy$0.25
Research/Hr - Min. One Hour$25.00
Statement Printout$1.00
Statmenet Reconciliation per Hour$20.00
Temporary Checks - 4 Checks$1.00
Temporary Deposit SlipsFREE
Transfers - AutomatedFREE
Sweep Transactions$2.00
Closed Accounts
Closed Account - First 6 Months$20.00
Overdraft Charges
An overdraft item or insufficient funds item may be created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, Debit Card purchase or other electronic means.
Overdraft Fee

Item is paid.

Returned Item Fee

Item is returned unpaid.

Stop Payment
Stop Payment Order$30.00
Stop Payment on Bank Checks$30.00
Stop Payment - Billpay$30.00
Check Collection - Customers$10.00
Check Collection - Non Customers$15.00
Fax - Per Page$2.00
Fax - Per Page (Non Customers)$3.00
IRS Levy, State Levy, or Writ of Garnishment$100.00
Loans - Payoff Letters$25.00
Notary PublicFREE
Negotiable Instruments
Cashiers Check - Customer$3.00
Money Order - Customer$2.00
Money Order - In Club Members$1.00
Travelers Checks1%
Travelers Checks - for two2%
Night Depository
Zipper Bags$1.00
Zipper Bags - With Lock$25.00
Safe Deposit Boxes
2x5 inches$25.00
3x5 inches$30.00
4x5 inches$35.00
5x5 inches$40.00
3x10 inches$45.00
4x10 inches$50.00
5x10 inches$55.00
10x10 inches$75.00
Key Deposit$20.00
Lost Key$10.00
Drill BoxCurrent Rate