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First Bank Burns Rubber at 2009 Sugar Festival

For the third consecutive year, the Hendry Regional Medical Center Foundation held its Hospital Bed Race Fundraiser at the annual Sugar Festival. This year, eight teams, consisting of five members, joined the bed race and donated $50 per team to the hospital foundation.On-lookers gathered in curiosity and anticipation, as the equipment was being set up for the great race.

Rules of the race remained the same: one person rode on the bed while four others (wearing swim flippers on their feet) ran and pushed the individual to a designated half-way point. Then, everyone stopped, hoola-hooped three times, drank a cup of water with no hands, and returned to the starting point.

The following teams participated:

· First Bank

· Clewiston High School Softball Team (Undergraduates)

· Sunrise Restaurant

· Clewiston High School SADD

· Clewiston High School HOSA

· The Berner Family

· Hendry Regional Medical Center

· Clewiston High School Softball Team (Seniors)

Wheels turned and rubber smoked like the Daytona Speedway, as the First Bank crew steered their bed-mobile to the finish line in a blazing 38 seconds. In the final finale, the Berner Family's team was running wheel-to-wheel, when Marshall Berner's flipper broke, throwing them into second place.Teams were judged by their creative costumes, and although all wore interesting attire, judges ruled that Hendry Regional Medical Center's theme, "HRMC Has No Bed Bugs" topped them all. Dressed like bugs (with an exterminator in the middle), this eye-catching group attracted the attention of the crowd.The Hendry Regional Medical Center Foundation thanks all those who donated and participated.